Fiber Artist Amy Jo Garner

Visit me in the Historic Paseo Arts District, 3024 Paseo Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73103

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Discover the art of upcycling and unleash your creativity at Sew Bewitching U! Join me for a diverse range of classes and workshops carefully crafted by fiber artist Amy Jo Garner. Whether you're a sewing enthusiast looking to enhance your skills or an art lover seeking to explore the world of fiber art, I have something special for you in the heart of the historic Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City.

Embark on a transformative journey as you delve into my basic sewing classes, where you'll learn essential techniques and unleash your potential to repurpose and breathe new life into old garments. Dive deeper into the captivating realm of fiber art with my enriching workshops, where you'll explore innovative techniques and create unique pieces that showcase your artistic flair.

At Sew Bewitching U, I believe in the power of hands-on learning and the joy of artistic expression. My classes are designed to be engaging, interactive, and suitable for all skill levels. With my expert guidance and infectious passion for upcycling and fiber art, you'll gain invaluable knowledge and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn, create, and connect with like-minded individuals. Secure your spot in my captivating classes and art workshops today! Discover the magic of Sew Bewitching U – where artistry and sustainability intertwine.

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While some of my posts will be publicly accessible for all to see, the excitement unfolds in the supporter-only section. By becoming a monthly supporter or purchasing $10 worth of products, you'll gain exclusive access to captivating content and become an integral part of our growing community of fiber art enthusiasts.

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I sell secondhand fabrics, patterns, notions, supplies, and other sewing and craft supplies via WhatNot Live Auctions and my WhatNot Shop.

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